It’s seemingly the question that most parents dread, but because Small Person is less than two I hadn’t given much thought to how I’d respond to it. However, she is a very chatty little thing and we have quite good conversations about this and that. Yesterday at the dinner table when we were discussing the general properties of gnocchi, out it popped.


Cue stunned silence followed by a bit of a giggle (me), “Pardon?”


I hadn’t seen it coming. I don’t know why, because she has an extensive range of questions she likes to fire at me during the day, including: “what are you doing mummy?”, “where’s Penny/Isobel/Erin?”, “how are you getting on mummy?” and my favourite, “what would you like to do today mummy, play in the garden?”. I just wasn’t prepared for the ‘why’ question. I don’t know what age children typically start to enquire about things with a genuine desire to learn, and I’m not sure if her question was actually aimed at knowing more about gnocchi. If it was then my answer, “erm…because the potato makes it more floaty,” was not really very educational.

There haven’t been any more ‘whys’ today, so I’ve not been put on the spot again, but I think I’d better get rehearsing my answers, or perfecting my delivery of “because it just does!


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