All Hail the Jumper Dress!

I love Autumn. Well, I love most things about autumn. If I’m totally honest I’m not so keen on the dark mornings, but pretty much everything else I love: the colours of the trees, the beautiful tone of the sunlight, the smell of woodsmoke, the crisp, bright days, foggy days, the fruit and vegetable harvest, wrapping up warm…

…and jumper dresses!

Ah, the jumper dress. Cosy, smart or casual, wear with boots or heels, accessorise with a cheeky little scarf, chuck it on when you’re not sure what else to wear…brilliant. I don’t know what I’d do without my jumper dresses. I’m not sure how many I’ve got, but it’s quite a few. I’ve got cheap and cheerful ones from Matalan and Primark, mid range from M&S and Oasis, posh ones from Jigsaw and Paul Smith; they are my failsafe wardrobe item and the only time I attempt ‘fashion’ (at which I am rubbish, more often that not).

ImageSpotty Jumper Dress by Paul Smith

Having said how marvellous they are, I do have to say woollen dresses don’t mix that well with a small child. Snot, dribbles of milk, sticky fingers…all not that great on a delicate dress that needs handwashing or, if you’re brave, the wool cycle on your washing machine. I’m scared of putting wool in the washing machine. Every time I do it, I shrink stuff, even on what I think is the right setting. But anyway!

If you haven’t got one, I urge you to give a jumper dress a go. There are lots of different styles and they’re so versatile and perfect for this season.

Here endeth the bit about clothes. Don’t worry, there probably won’t be another clothes blog for ages. Phew.


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