One in the oven…

It’s the evening before cake club and my cake for tomorrow is sitting in the oven, baking away. I love and hate this part in equal measure! I’ve followed my recipe, made a few little tweaks of my own, made a mix that looks good…

…and now it’s baking. This is the bit that’s out of my control. The oven temperature is right, so it’s down to the timing. This one is a slow baker and it’s agonising waiting for it to be done. The house is starting to smell fabulous, but the big question is will it look and, more importantly, taste good for my fellow Cake Clubbers tomorrow?

If you’d like to know more about Cake Club, visit the website – register, find a local group and simply go along. It’s so friendly and lovely, a real feel-good thing to be part of!

Waiting, waiting, waiting!


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