Am I one of ‘those’ mothers?

I am ridiculously proud of my daughter. I doubt there’s a parent out there who isn’t proud when their child achieves something new, whether it be walking, learning a new word, getting the hang of counting to 10, getting into Oxford aged 3…

Oh, wait…is that just my daughter?

See, that’s what I’m concerned about. Obviously she hasn’t, but she is ‘quite advanced’. I bloody hate that term. Thing is, she is. She’s 23 months old and every day she amazes me with what she can do, what new skills she’s picked up, how fast she is learning. I’m not going to list all her tricks here, but when she cracks jokes and asks me what I’ve dreamt about when we wake up, I go all silly and gooey inside. I know she’s not a prodigy or anything ridiculous – it’s not like she’s composing a concerto or working on that difficult second novel, but for her age, she’s doing some pretty advanced stuff.

The problem is, I feel like I can’t really talk about it. When I do, I have this fear of coming across as one of ‘those’ mothers. A boaster. I don’t want to be a boaster. Maybe that’s a terribly British thing to be worried about, perhaps if I embraced my Italian side I’d be telling the world and his wife about what she gets up to without the fear that people will be thinking “uh oh, here she goes again!”

I have always said to everyone, as soon as she was born, “they all do things at different times, they all achieve them eventually”, and I wholeheartedly believe that. When my friends’ children do something new and fabulous, I am pleased as punch, because they’re brilliant in their own right…but when mine does something amazing I want to tell people and feel like I can’t. Fair enough, the majority of people might not care that she can count backwards from 10 to 1 (although she does miss out 8, more often that not) but there must be a few people who are interested. Obviously it’s fine talking to her grandparents, who think she’s a marvel. But what about other people? Other mothers? My friends?

So how do you talk excitedly with people about what your child does, without coming across as a) a complete bore b) bragging and c) gloating?

Or just get on with it and not bother?!