So, that was 2012…

2012. A pretty busy year. It started off in excellent style with a cosy house party for 4 (plus two toddlers) in Prestwich and ended with me sitting on my own on the sofa watching Alan Carr, drinking Shloer and eating a pomegranate with a pin. Some amazing things happened inbetween. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Being Francesca’s mummy.
  • A great holiday in Wales.
  • Making an owl cushion.
  • Numerous visits to Smithills Farm.
  • Buying a lovely house in Whitefield and moving in.
  • Having a smashing, sophisticated hen party.
  • Getting married.
  • Being at the gorgeous wedding of Raquelle and Paul.
  • Doing some ace gigs, including singing as well as saxophone playing.
  • A lot of cake club action.
  • A decent amount of time with The Tarts (there could always be more).
  • Picnics in the garden.
  • Playing sax at our wedding.
  • Jungle Mayhem.
  • Spending time with Lisa, Claire, Anna, Emma, Neda, Vicky, Catherine, Katie and Marcia.
  • Watching Isobel, Penny, Louie, Erin, Kasra, Adam, James, Charlie and Dalia grow into brilliant little people.
  • Mum kicking cancer’s arse.
  • Getting pregnant.
  • Getting an iPad
  • Francesca turning two (nearly three).
  • Having a proper, lovely, big Christmas tree. 
  • Farmer Christmas visiting and the excitement of the festive season.


Quite a lot of good stuff, yeah? ImageEpic.


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