Bump blogging

Hello. Long time no post! 

I thought, as today’s quite an exciting day, it might be a good time to start doing a bit of bump blogging. I’ve shied away from it until now for various reasons: I didn’t feel too great at the start, just in case anything went wrong, and I wanted to tell as many people in person as possible!

So why today? It’s our 20 week scan this morning. I am really excited about seeing the little one again. It’s been very wriggly recently and I’m able to feel its movements much more easily now, which is lovely. To answer the obvious question, no, we won’t be finding out the sex of the baby. We think it’s fabulous to have the surprise at the birth…it makes that hard work even more worth it!

F is being a little superstar. She asks about baby all the time, she knows where it is and gives my bump a kiss and a cuddle often. She initially wanted it to come out straight away, and would try to unwrap my tummy, but now she understands its got to grow a bit first, and will tell anyone who’ll listen!  

How is the pregnancy going so far? Well, I had rubbish morning sickness at first, until about 13 weeks. Thankfully I didn’t throw up but the constant nausea was quite difficult. I also went off cake. I know. I’m glad to report that cake consumption has now resumed, but I’ve also a manic craving for fruit, which is no bad thing! The bump is very noticeable  – but it’s been very noticeable from about 8 flipping weeks! However, I definitely I think I’m in the best phase of pregnancy now. Bump is a good size, I have a decent amount of energy and am still managing to get some sleep.

I am very much looking forward to us being a family of four. Admittedly I have a few anxieties about how the hell I’m going to cope with a toddler and a newborn, but millions of people do it, so there’s no reason I can’t (she says…) and I’m thinking about the birth already, much sooner than I did with F. Already had a fabulous pregnancy relaxation session with my friend Natalie, who’s a trained natal hypnotherapist, and I’m hoping to do more learning with her soon, to help get me in the state I’d like to be during labour.

So, expect a bit more pregnancy blogging from now on. Probably not loads. I do seem to do this in fits and starts! But if you’re interested I hope you’ll join me for baby-related ramblings.

And if you’re just here for the cake, don’t worry…there’ll be plenty about that too!

H x


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