Experimental Baking

For the first time ever, I am totally making up a cake recipe.

I got my lovely copy of the Clandestine Cake Club book through the post yesterday and have been drooling over the amazing cakes that people have created, planning what to bake. There are loads in there I want to try! Then I remembered I’ve got extra egg yolks in the fridge from some meringue-making the other day and I started googling cake recipes that would incorporate those. So I thought…if these cake club bakers can create such brilliant cakes, maybe I should be brave and have a go?

Traditionally I’m a follower, not a creator. I think that baking is a science and you can only really mess with a recipe once you understand the chemistry between all the ingredients. Yes I tweak…a little more lemon or extra ginger, add a few nuts, whatever…but I’ve never made anything up. So tonight I looked at what I had in the cupboards and with an itch to use my Heritage Bundt tin that I’ve had for months without using, off I went!

The Heritage from Nordic Ware

The Heritage from Nordic Ware

Sitting in the oven now is what will hopefully be a lemon and poppy seed (one of my fave combos) bundt. Based on what (little) I’ve learnt about Bundt cakes (from fellow cake clubbers such as undisputed Bundt queen, DollyBakes) I set about creating my *ahem* masterpiece. It’s got flour, butter, sugar, eggs (including those yolks), raising agents, lemon zest and juice, milk and poppy seeds. Batter looked good and felt like a reasonable consistency. I’ve just checked on it after half an hour and it’s rising nicely.

Wish me luck. I’ll post the results later!


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