On a quest for the perfect sofa.

Why is it so hard to find the right sofa?

Now we’ve got the extension and the kitchen, we are decorating the ‘day room’ (I still don’t know what to call it: the family room, the lounge, the day room, the playroom, nothing is sitting right at the moment)  and we need some seating and other furniture for it. But the big piece is the sofa. And I just can’t find one that fits the bill. I’ll admit, I’ve got quite a long list of features this perfect sofa should have, including:

  • not too squishy but not too firm
  • child friendly (ish) but still stylish
  • classic but contemporary
  • just the right shade of tan leather that will wear well over time not just look trashed – battered chic, I’m thinking
  • be high enough off the floor to vacuum underneath or low enough so that I don’t care about what’s underneath
  • made in Britain would be great
  • not too expensive, second hand/pre-loved would be fine
  • something I don’t mind the kids squishing cake into

I have saved searches on ebay, and regularly hunt through Preloved and Gumtree, Indigo Furnituretrawled the usual sofa retailers and despite the free refreshments in Furniture Village (that was an unexpected bonus), I’ve yet to be persuaded to part with any money for something to sit on.

I am beginning to think it’s Mission:Impossible. Or maybe I’m just a sofa snob. That’s possible.


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