Girl Vs Pastry

We don’t get on, pastry and I. Never have. As a child I used to help my grandma bake and have many happy memories of weighing and mixing…but when it came to pastry I was made to run my wrists under the cold tap for ages before being allowed to handle the pastry. My hands were too hot. I think that experience has scarred me for life and consequently I very, very rarely make pastry. When I do I am petrified of it. I’m even scared of shop bought stuff.

But, I would like to conquer my pastry nemesis. If nothing else, it will win me many good wife points! So, my mission starts this week. The plan is to bake a pie…a proper pie with pastry all round it, none of this casserole with a lid nonsense! Filling to be decided, but for extra wife points, it will be something meaty.

Wish me luck…I need it!


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